The week we’re mere muggles (16.11.18)



Welcome, legends. We made it to another Friday and boy, have we got plenty to show-off about

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

It’s time for your next dose of wizardry. Crimes of Grindelwald is out today. The film teams in both London and Montréal were put to work creating stunning visuals on a monumental scale. Think the Voldemort-Dumbledore duel, but BIGGER


…speaking of muggles, we’re all incredibly jealous of Christian Manz, overall VFX supervisor (& Framestore Creative Director), who got all dressed up for the London premiere along with his wife, ex-Framestorian Kate Cuffin



Rein-ing carrot sticks

Do you have your #carrotsticks ready? Our Maccies Christmas ad goes live on Sunday. Bravo to all involved for your meticulous work, it looks absolutely fantastic.


Wrap up warm for the magical Barbour Christmas ad which also celebrates the 40th anniversary of the children’s story The Snowman


He’s yellow, hairy and shares a voice with Deadpool

The world’s going bonkers for the overnight sensation Detective Pikachu, with the trailer scoring over 10m views in a matter of days. Have a look at what our Art Department and VFX teams in London and Montréal have been busy with


It’s all Poppin’ off Popcorn on Apple iOS 12.1

Have a look at some of the dazzling work from the Disney sequel. I dare you not to be enchanted by the charming Mary Poppin’s Returns ☂️


Don’t drive naughty, drive nice

Framestore’s LA office teamed up with Marc Forster to bring to life a pink bunny for the new emotive NRMA insurance holiday campaign, employing similar techniques to those they used in Christopher Robin. Shout out for the remarkable talent of the VFX and animation teams involved

The mystical Dumbo

Dumbo hits cinemas in 2019 and just look at the incredible work from our team in Montréal / Dreamland

Your Perfect Valentine

Yes, you do have to wait until February 14 for the release of Alita: Battle Angel, but in the meantime check out the latest epic trailer featuring work from our London film team

BMW ‘The 8’

The latest from Daniel Wolfe. Check out this dreamy BMW piece and its editing GOLD

What you up to, Framestore?

3% Conference

Led by the Chicago office, Framestore supported the 3% conference event by providing motion graphics films for the conference, including a bumper, logo animation, a Twitter video and a sponsorship reel. The films were lead by Creative Director Anthony Gibbs and designed by Ali Biesber and Will Golloday. Framestore also provided all of the video content which was shown during the opening performance.


HUB Montreal

Head of VR Production in Montréal, Julien Charlebois, presented Fantastic Beasts VR at the creative industries event HUB. The talk was followed by a Q&A – with Felix&Paul studios also taking part in the chat 🤘


and the recruitment team at MIGS18 in Montreal, representing our VR division this week 🙌



Our training rooms around the World are packed this week, here’s what we’ve been learning…

In Montréal, Shuchi Singhal and Gabriel Giroux-Veilleux presented an Eb Labs demo tool tutorial for the Animation team


… and Martin Belleau lead an fLight training class, geared towards ENV/DMP and CG Supes


In LA, Framestore employees have access to classes at Studio Arts, for more details contact Susan Vanderhyden

studio arts LA

In London, Tabitha “Tabs” Dean covered everything Editorial in London as part of our department introduction series


… and Houdini fundamentals class continues for the IA team


Manchester Animation Festival

Congrats to animator Prajakta Nandlaskar who thrilled a crowd of savvy animation students, film fans and artists at Manchester Animation Festival

University of Lincoln Presentation

… and to Jonathon Opgenhaffen, Art Director, who gave a presentation on visual development and the world of VFX for the avid students of Lincoln School of Film and Media


Christmas Fair

London will be hosting a Christmas Fair where you can go crazy and purchase all your festive gifts. Socks? We’ve got ’em. Your choice of Chutneys and Jams? Sure. Scarves? Don’t worry about it. Bags, clothing, accessories, we’ve got you sorted.

More information to follow, watch this space



HUGE appreciation for Duncan Williams and Frederico Favaro who took part in the Sleepout to raise awareness and funds for youth homelessness. You can continue to donate here for this important cause, every contribution counts no matter how big or small



Extra, Extra!

Halloween may be over, but the German version of Pikachu has everyone creeped out:


Well, that’s it in a (very large) nutshell, take a bow and grab yourselves a well-earned mince pie (no, it’s not too early)

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