The week legends walk among us (5.10.18)

We got history

Sometimes, you gotta look back to see how far you’ve come. This week we can celebrate a mighty 19 years of Walking with Dinosaurs, our 1999 hit for BBC

It’s also been 13 years since Guinness ‘noitulovE’, which still stands firmly on two feet as an icon of advertising

(It’s also an iconic week for our own Christian Manz, who celebrates 21 extraordinary years at the company…)

Bringing it back to 2018 though (and beyond!), congrats to the Funding Circle team in London, whose extended 60′ cut is now live and kicking


Our fisherpeople did good – a big fat GOLD trophy was wrangled in Kinsale, awarded for Simon Bourne’s grade on Mini ‘The Faith of a Few’ 👏 Simon also has a piece (Chaka’s ‘Like Sugar’) in the mix at the UKMVAs, so sweet congrats to him

*News just in too* that AMFAM has scored nomination at The Drum OOH Awards, across four categories: Innovation, Experiential/Ambient, Use of Digital Technologies, and Use of Mobile 🚀, bravo

Whilst we’re talking #winning, a friendly reminder to all that STAFF AWARDS ARE OPEN and keenly awaiting your votes. Polls close on 13 October


On tour

It’s been a big week on the media circuit. Last weekend saw the ZBrush Summit take place in LA, attended by the triple-threat of Dan Moore, Rishikesh Nandlaskar and Tamas Kurdi, who presented ‘Pushing Creatures Through the PIPE’. Kudos to our guys, catch the full session right here:

To BFX, in Bournemouth, where Environments’ Alan Clappison and Charlotte Tyson presented on the worlds created for Infinity War, nicely done team

A belated back-pat to Heads of CG Grant Walker and Ahmed Gharraph (laser-pinpointed in this photo, let’s not ask), who took creatures from the Framestore Zoo all the way to Prague, for Splash Festival

A gorgeous recap of our recently hosted ACCESS:VFX event at 28 Chancery, thanks again to everyone who gave their time to network with the attendees

ACCESS doesn’t stop there: #accessvfxmonth’s Grand Tour is in full swing, and took us to Stoke to meet more young guns in the industry 👊

Look out for the Fall edition of VFX Voice, the fresh publication from VES, which this quarter features Ben West commenting on the brave new world of theme park rides and location-based entertainment – illustrated by our Guardians, natch


Come on over to our house

I mean really, what HAVEN’T you been doing this week?

In Training: we’ve been learning to negotiate like absolute bosses in London (in a very Apprentice-like setting, no?)

negotiation_skills_training.jpeg negotiation_skills_4.jpg

In Montréal, we were thrilled to host Steve Wright, VFX veteran, who delivered a masterclass across two days for Comp, Paint + Roto and Environments/DMP

Training pic.JPG

Montréal also indulged in the charming fall past-time of apple-picking, which is very Hundred Acre Wood-esque and on brand


The spoils also helped provide sustenance on Beer Friday, which was decorated to autumnal perfection by our wonderful runners

beer friday.jpg

To the West Coast, where Murray Butler took on the Fireflies ride for a SECOND TIME – his trials and tribulations are recorded in his blog, and you can donate to his efforts and raise valuable funds in the fight against blood cancers through City of Hope HERE


Last Friday saw 28 Chancery Lane host its first big in-house fundraiser, thanks to the incredible efforts of Head of FX Andy Hayes and Framestore musical outfit Pixel Fux


Press play on the below edit for a taste of the action, which, thanks to generous donations on the door and eager raffle competition, raised a massive £2000 for Invest in M.E. Thanks to EVERYONE involved for making it such a raucous success 💥

If that’s got you all fired up, consider joining our inaugural Salsa Sesh in London this coming Wednesday 10 October. Three of Framestore’s snake-hipped professionals will be leading the class, which runs from 18:30-19:30. Sign up to the mailing list RIGHT HERE 💃🏻 💃🏻 💃🏻

salsa high.gif

Now step step sliiide your way into that there weekend. Have a good one 🙋