The week we take a drive (28.9.18)


Many, many hours were spent in car parks to pull this one off, but oh my have they: congrats to the team behind the Touareg Hyper Reality Test Drive, a world first live VR experience launched in Zhuhai, China, created for Volkswagen Group China Import. Now, we can’t give TOO much away of the experience, so let’s just say it all kicks off as a passenger in paradise, as exemplified by this video…


…before all hell breaks loose


You’ll find 150mins of quality Touareg-based content in this here Chinese media, but should that feel daunting skip to 58mins for more excellent test drive reactions and to 87mins for a look at the out-of-this-world press launch

Pictured here, just a few of the squad, who have quite literally weathered storms to get this world first to market #ladsonTouareg


More pics, as always, on the ‘gram. Congratulations, all 👏

Final call

Newt and friends set for release oh-so-soon


28 Chancery proudly hosted the latest ACCESS:VFX #vfxindustryconnect event, which saw ThisAbility and We Are Stripes bring together young people of colour and disability to help them break into the creative industries. The sold-out event was, by all accounts, a barnstorming hit, and our huge thanks go to all at Framestore who offered their time to the networking element of the evening – Prince and Davies pictured here, doing their bit 👊

Photo 23 (1).jpg

Whilst we’re talking talent and training and things, how about a look at London’s up-and-running Training Studio, in this brilliant exploratory number by Andrew Schlussel



Meet the man who dreams of working with Wes, has a penchant for Pinot Noir, and was just recently promoted to Creative Director in our Los Angeles home – Anthony Gibbs, you’ve been [FRAMED]

View at

Media moguls

Head of Talent Amy Smith is special guest on the AnimDojo podcast, sharing her wisdom on interview prep within the industry

Veronique, HR Manager in Montreal, starred on a panel that focused on technology for physical and mental wellbeing in business. Veronique explained what we are currently doing at Framestore and gave a few solutions in terms of best practices that will evolve in the future, thanks to scientific and technological advances 💫


Alice Roseberry-Haynes represented at the IPA’s #AdUnlocked this morning, sharing her skills in 3D with students looking to crack the ad industry

Congratulations to our children of Thor, you’ve scored an HPA Awards nomination for Outstanding VFX 🔨

Meanwhile in Kinsale, Sophie and Chris (and Lottie – where’s Lottie?) of Framestore Advertising fame are doing Ireland RIGHT – we’ve got a couple of Colour nominations in the mix, so fingers crossed we can all toast to a trophy by the time the festival wraps



You’ve got T-minus TWO WEEKS to make your voice heard in this quarter’s Staff Awards – sashay over to the Intranet, won’t you, and cast your votes for the three Framestorians who keep you real 🌏



*adopt Gossip Girl voiceover here* Spotted: which Framestore VFX Super was papped gracing the set of Downton Abbey The Movie? Hail Lady Mary, we have scenes…


Social pages

I’m sorry I’m sorry, this is all so very London but the people need to know:

HAPPENING LITERALLY NOW-ISH, we have the inaugural charity Friday fundraiser Music For M.E., featuring performances from in-house musical outfit Pixel Fux and a high-stakes raffle hosted by Mr Andy Hayes, whose family’s own story inspired the whole wonderful thing. If you haven’t seen a poster yet, well, I suggest you get your eyes checked, but: £3 on the door, drinks all evening, get in the lift and go to 5 at 17:30

Pixel Fux Gig_Today.jpg

If you can’t attend, kindly consider donating via the event’s JustGiving page. Many thanks in advance, beautiful people


In other 28CL news: the folks at Aiko, next door, have renewed your 10% off, permanently – whilst your mind is on food, reacquaint yourself with all of our local benefits via the 28CL site

Weird and wondo

Did it damage Meghan’s Uber rating though?

Hurricane Florence, a force for good

West not best – when it comes to philosophy, that is #longread

That’ll be all, folks, over to you 🙋