The week it’s all about us (24.8.18)

Bear necessities

The love keeps pouring in for Christopher Robin, now on release in the UK. Read more via the BFI (though really, who are they calling middle-aged HEY)


A nice nod too to the film’s end credits scene (*spoiler*), which (*spoiler*) was created by Framestorian talent in LA. Read more in this article from VOX


And an extra (and I mean, EXTRA) hit of behind-the-scenes action from the movie in the form of this week’s [FRAMED], courtesy of Animator Luciano Muñoz Sessarego. Proud to say Luciano shares his love for his craft through one of the finest showcases of GIFery known to mankind

View at


Making moves in the media, Kyle McCulloch talks the emotional highs and lows of life in #VFX (’80s fantasy hits included), with Cinefex

Our friends at Anibrain held that trophy high, as Oscar went on tour

We got the love

And it’s a rainbow-coloured beauty. Click through to Insta to get an eyeful of Montreal’s #pride parade, in which Framestore was suitably proud participant and sponsor 🌈


In the same spirit, we proudly invite YOU (well, Londoners, plus anyone else willing to make the journey) to our next ACCESS: VFX event, in association with We Are Stripes and This Ability as part of National Inclusion Week.

Taking place on 25 September from 6-9pm, at 28 Chancery, we’ll be hosting a group of young people from underrepresented backgrounds in to workshop and network, and show them VFX is a place for EVERYONE. And we need you: to chat, mingle and inspire. *SAVE THE DATE*, and contact Amy Smith with any queries

We have lift-off 🚀

We didn’t think this day would come. Our babies are flying the nest. Congratulations and THANK YOU to our wonderful cohort of interns in London, who wrap up their Launchpad programme this evening. From our Guardians of the Interns, a.k.a. HR:

Today we say farewell to our 14 amazing Launchpad Interns who have been with us for the last eight weeks. They have spent their time here working on different shows, learning about each department and developing their independent projects relating to their area of interest.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to all our Mentors for your time and effort supporting your interns over the last eight weeks.

Wishing all the interns the best of luck in the future!

Round of applause, everybody 👏


And to the mentors 👏


Social diary

Evidence tells us quite the evening was had at the Framestore-hosted SIGGRAPH afterparty, after a week of fun in Vancouver; thanks to all who attended, organised and upheld our fun-lovin’ reputation. See all the best bits here


Londoners, if you need topping up after the long weekend, VES is advertising a very enticing deal ahead of their pub night on the 29th…click the bait here


And take a moment to view some admirable images by Texture Artist Marc-Andre Dostie, taken on a research trip to Montréal’s Insectarium and Botanical Garden. Our artists were adding to the department reference library with snaps and sketches of the bugs and beasts, flora and fauna


Extra, extra

Teaching Muggle children to code, and other stories

In the era of fake news, we are authentically confused

World renowned artists are on the Tusk Rhino Trail

Buying a Ferrari? Try running an ultra. The new mid-life is nigh

⛔️ BANK HOLIDAY KLAXON ⛔️: Britain is on holiday this MONDAY, basking in the sun, hold the fort

And that’s a wrap. TTFN 🙋