The week we pay our R.E.S.P.E.C.T.s (17.8.18)

Breaking it down

250,000 views and counting, Framestore, the world cannot get enough 🔥 #InfinityWar


Christopher Robin releases on home Hundred Acre turf today 🇬🇧, couple of charmed new reviews in from the British press pack: ScreenDaily, Metro


Papped in the preview, it’s Montréal cast and crew 🙋



Well well well, what a week it’s been in Vancouver. Framestore’s multifaceted dream team has been presenting, representing, recruiting and more on the floor at #SIGGRAPH2018. Kudos and thanks to all involved, it’s been quite the event

In the swiftest of sweep-throughs: those crazy fractals kids from LA were back, googly eyes and all (thank you Johannes Saam and Patrick Beavers)

Michael Ralla made a cameo for Foundry

Head of Effects Andy Hayes talked Houdini past, present and future in a panel with DNEG, Disney, ILM and Animal Logic


Andy was also the victim of this week’s FRAMED, take a mosey around his creative life right here:

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Presentations also abound from Richard Hoover with our friends behind Blade Runner; and Manuel Gamito on Pathracing in Production 👏👏

Our recruiters were hot on the talent hunt, as always, and opened up our Instagram audience for an AMA – check out some of the best bits in Highlights

Congrats also go to Florian Brauch, whose grad film Hybrids won SIGGRAPH Best in Show, adding to its rack of awards accrued across the past year – get a load of those laurels 👏

Female force

We could not be prouder to see Maria Carretero and Jessica Vile in the mix in Free The Bid’s newly formed Women Colo(u)rists showcase. Free The Bid is doing phenomenal things to raise the profile of women in the creative industries, particularly advertising, where they have previously been underrepresented, to put it very politely – click, share, show them some 💗

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WOMEN COLORIST DATABASE – FREE THE BID * Free The Bid's future is looking bright – and colorful! * As part of our initiative's continuing commitment to advocacy for women in roles across the production pipeline, we are thrilled to announce that we have added a database of profiles for women colorists, joining Free The Bid's database of women directors, editors, and DOP collectives. * “With the launch of our database of women colorists, we are thrilled to continue the natural expansion of our mission,” said Free The Bid's Executive Director Emma Reeves. * A big thank you to Helena Lee and colorist Ayumi Ashley at post production company Ntropic, whose efforts spearheaded this addition, and to all of the other company representatives who have been instrumental in making this project into a reality. * Visit to view the initial group of women colorist profiles, and don't forget to check back in frequently, as new profiles are added weekly. * If you are a woman colorist and would like to be added to our database, contact us at ! * "At this rate, anyone who's not checking our site on a daily basis is really missing out – watch this space!" – Emma Reeves, Free The Bid Executive Director. * #freethebid #changetheratio #colorists #womencolorists #ntropic @ntropic @framestore @niceshoesonline @alteregopost @company_3 @fiveonecolor @freefolkstudios

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While we’re dreaming of diversification: hats off to Emeric, Phieffer and Veronique for taking part in the inaugural ACCESS: VFX Montréal. The pan-industry event saw representatives from a host of local studios come together, to discuss opening up the talent pool

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Staff Awards

Your winners, ladies and gents. What a bunch


Sporting arena

28 Chancers, shout-out for football players: 6-a-side taking place every Wednesday, 20:00-21:00 at the Colombo Centre, Waterloo; contact taylor.kennard for more or sign right up as a regular or reserve HERE



What does it look like when you try to walk in LA?

#NSFW, but when am I: herewith, The Slang of Yore

A lesson in Lady Soul

That concludes this week’s broadcast. Until next time 🙋