The week we’re heroes (27.7.18)

On the trail

Deep breaths… we have THREE trailers to share from the wonderful world of film

From Comic-Con, the latest trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Shout out to the team: Creative Director Christian Manz (who is overall VFX Supervisor on the film alongside our good friend Tim Burke); the crew stationed over at Leavesden; and the artists across London and Montréal who have made these wonderful images come to life. Looking 👌

An extended peek of the cinematic bear hug that is Christopher Robin… out NEXT WEEK in the US and Canada 🐻❤️

The team has also been busy with some futuristic work for upcoming cyberpunk action film, Alita: Battle Angel, with filmmakers James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez at the helm

Hot off the press

BBC and Bad Wolf unveil cast and creative team of His Dark Materials. Read it here

Water, water…

It may have been found on Mars, but home fixtures brand Moen is having none of it,  setting our artists to task imagining a world without water. Congrats to the Chicago-based team behind the work, which shows some beautiful scenes; catch all the detail online HERE, and more via Reel Chicago

Come in, Houston New York

ICYMI: we went to the Moon, and we’re taking you – all of you! – with us. ‘A Moon For All Mankind’, our 4D, lunar gravity simulating virtual reality experience for Samsung picked up the press, read more via the likes of Creativity Online and Creative Review

In the house

Snaps from our recent Houdini event in Montréal, where we got under the skin of the madman that is Deadpool; thanks to the many who attended



And to London, where IA and Television production teams tackled a course in negotiation skills in our snazzy new Training Room

System Administrator Appreciation Day. Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s today. We appreciate you, Systems 👊 Hope that you’re all celebrating in style


The Flamestorm Strikes Back

Match report from Cap’n Smith:

Having just scraped into the playoffs, in 8th place after a tough season, Flamestorm drew the top team and Division 2 champions the ILM ‘Rebel Bases’. Going into this game they’d only lost only one game this year… Now they’ve lost two!

The whole Flamestorm smashed it, managing to bat through the order in innings 1 and 2 and winning the game without needing to bat in the 7th. Well done everyone involved the outfield play was immense this week I’m a very proud captain. MVP this week went to Jordan Wilson for showing massive dedication and rolling back into the field shortly after taking a ball to the face, how he survived no one nose!



Our semi-final will be played August 9th in Regent’s Park, opposition TBC. If you would like any more info about softball please contact

Shoop shoop

Time to escape the endless chat of our ongoing heatwave with thoughts of the French Alps (dreamy). London Framestorians can sign up for a winter holiday to La Plagne for a week of glorious ski or boarding in early March 2019. For more info, contact Brooke or sign up here


We could be heroes


If we vote for each other…is all I’m saying. Staff Awards are BACK. For the uninitiated, this is Framestorians’ quarterly opportunity to crown and reward the prom kings and queens of their respective offices, for such qualities as work ethic, artistic talent, and/or selection of desk snacks. The ballot box is found à la Intranet; you’ve got three votes, use them well

Weird and wonderful

Girl Guides have got the badge to take your job, Animation

Marvel mashed it all up for 80

Deadpool drops another round of photobombs for DVD release

Heatwave? Manchester has you (and your furry friend) covered

Total eclipse of the moon


Cosmologists, get your groove on: the blood moon is BACK. Americas, you get the rubbish seats this time around, but UK, buckle up for the bloodiest of eclipses (the longest of the 21st century, I’ll have you know) this Friday evening – by 20:00-ish, it should all be in full swing. Science the shit out of it HERE

That’s a wrap, space cowboys and girls 🙋 Have a good one