The week we take one giant leap (20.7.18)


Space endeavours sure can take a while, but the outcomes? Pretty spectacular. This week we proudly oversaw the public launch of ‘A Moon For All Mankind‘ (AMFAM), the world’s first lunar gravity simulation VR experience, created for Samsung by Framestore, Iris and Mannetron 🚀

Yes, Chancery Lane, this reveal FINALLY answers all the questions you had about that harness hanging on lower ground. AMFAM’s custom-built rig reads its user’s weight in realtime, adjusting gravitational pull to lunar levels – allowing YOU to roam around a virtual Moon, rendered to perfection by our VR artists. Find the full write-up right here

The experience is now open to all at Samsung’s 837 space in NYC, and will be for the following year, as we approach the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing (the date of which is, conveniently, TODAY). In town? Get mission-ready

As test subjects go, you can’t really beat one of the handful of humans who have been there, done that. Enter Mike Massimino, retired astronaut and spacewalker, who demo’ed AMFAM on Wednesday – press play on his reactions, via

Nearly two years in the making – team, you’ve earned a rest 👏👏👏

Welcome, hello

It’s trailer #2 for upcoming picture ‘Welcome to Marwen’, due end of year

New places, new faces: this week we welcomed Dominique Anglade, vice-première ministre du Québec, John Coleman, Agent-Général, Québec UK, and Investissement Québec, to 28 Chancery Lane

High performance

Fresh off of Centre Court, a new spot from Gatorade featuring the one and only Serena W, given extra Flame and grade love by Framestore in LA

It didn’t come home, England, and Nike knows you’re upset, so made an optimistic little number entitled ‘Believe As One’ (more 2D and grade sparkle courtesy of London)

Following in these world-class athletes’ finely tuned footsteps – it feels right to include this beautiful summation of Cornhole Y2K18, thank you Euna Kho

Names in print

In the Internet papers this week, Mike McGee shares his personal pick of ads that defy the test of time, ahead of his juror gig at the LBB #ImmortalAwards

StudioDaily interviews AMC’s Frank Petzold, VFX Supe on ‘The Terror’, talking about our gorgeous Tuunbaq

Ewan McGregor (tries to) talk on the subtle art of acting around VFX creatures. Pooh, meanwhile, is laying it on factor 50 for #WorldEmojiDay


Whatcha got going on the side, Framestore? Kudos to NY’s Georgios Cherouvim, whose promo for Crøm-lus went live this week

Lovely work out of life-drawing in New York, by Jessica Soderstrom

Sports fans, assemble: the Flamestorm rumbles into its last meet of the season…

Looking to secure a place in the playoffs, the mighty Flamestorm faced Mindshare/Ogilvy. A good start put us ahead in the second, with outfield proving solid all night with catches from Jakub adn Nicolas; but our opponents were able to capitalise on some big hits, scoring consistently. We were in touching distance until the 6th inning, when our bats started to fail and we had no response for the last eight runs. Final score: Flamestorm 15 – 23 Mindshare.

Congrats to extra hitter Jordan for batting a perfect game, and the whole team for a great season [hear, hear] 👏 Everyone in the division has raised the standard, and we’ve managed to keep it close with an overall run difference of -13. 

Now…we wait for call-up. Stay classy, swingers 🔥⚡️

Adding a congratulatory softball note to Brooke McGowan, selected for the Rookie All Star team competing in Florida in October. It’s Flamestorm’s FIRST international representation in the Ad World series, and yet another step towards our global domination 👊🌎

Drinks and snacks

Londoners, fill up at the VES pub night: Weds 25 July, The Ship (Fitzrovia)


Alternatively, hit that caffeine right (cred: Christian Manz)

Side order reads:

WeWork’s got beef with beef

A sample of things to come in The Crown

That SEO may leave a sour taste

Time to bust a move. Have a good one 🙋