The week with all the celebrations (13.7.18)

Say what you see

ADORABLE BEAR, how ’bout you? Fresh sneak peak at Christopher Robin, releasing August 3


Congratulations to the team behind Black Mirror’s ‘USS Callister’, which has picked up seven EMMY nominations in total, from cinematography to editing to sound


At the VR Awards, we’re looking at triple nomination: TWO in VR Experience of the Year (#Sky4DVR, AMFAM) and an addition in Out-of-Home (also AMFAM)

What on earth is AMFAM, I hear you say? You’re right to ask, reader, for it is not of this world – but it’s launching oh-so-soon, so hold on to your spacesuits 🚀


In the news

Some excellent press for our talented Art Department, profiled by the BBC

Hats off also to Rob Allman, who took to the stage at Switzerland’s NIFFF to present our work on Avengers: Infinity War

Rob also kindly took the [FRAMED] challenge, spilling on the secret life of a CG Supe

View at

Michael Borhi and Adam Goldstein feature in Foundry’s showcase of Mari, used to beaut effect in Blade Runner 2049


And on the road, spreading that VR gospel: Johannes Saam got to know a new wave of Australian talent, at the UTS Animal Logic Academy

Bonne fête

Happy birthday, Montréal! Our Quebec office is five years old. Naturally, there was cake


Party people

More midsummer – or rather, #framesummer – madness in London, where we hosted over 800 of our nearest and dearest clients, peers, and industry insiders for a summer party of grand proportion. Thank you and BRAVO to all of those behind-the-scenes who made it go off with such aplomb

NB Photo booth madness and ambient #scenes can be found on Facebook

Earlier in the week we took the opportunity to #lookup from the terraces, in celebration of 100 years of the RAF – proving our collective photographic prowess in the act


Timing out on the day so we’ll keep this upbeat and punchy:

Flamestorm’s first tournament! One loss, one win, one EPIC WIN (24-2, soz Publicis), one cup final against MPC and our squad came in third place in the whole darn thing. CONGRATULATIONS Brooke, Giulia, Jakub, Jack, Jordan, Owyn, Puff, Adam, and helpers Paul and Sue – football’s not coming home, but FLAMESTORM’S IN THE HOUSE 🔥⚡️


Rogue reads

Live your best Louvre life on #TheCarters tour

Never mind that, CHER is tweeting PADDINGTON

And Downton’s going to Hollywood, baby

g2g chase a #Trumpbaby through the streets. Over and out ✌️