The week raccoons rule (15.6.18)

Fly, baby

We got our FIRST LOOK at Disney’s Dumbo, releasing March 2019

Speaking of cute creatures…it’s TEAM PINWHEEL, London edition, gathered to celebrate the end of a project era 🍯 (versions here)


(NB our spectacular World Cup costumery at 28CL, also)

Keeping it real

First of four stomach-punchingly real stories on ‘Body Language’ for BBC Three, produced in London by Hannah Oliver, with VFX by Katie Rhodes and grade by Jessica Vile

The work scored Ad of the Day via AdWeek – congrats to our female powerhouse 👊

Colour me happy

CHURNING out the work in Colour this week. A Beau Leon quartet opens with the Truth campaign, tap into the playlist for all four stories

There’s also a promo for Brandi Carlile, in conjunction with US National Gun Violence Awareness Day

For thirds, sweet like Sugar (Daddy), for Macy Gray

And a pertinent plea from VW to Americans, to make their support count for someone, at least, in this World Cup (part two right here, if it’s tickling you)

We also turned out more for Mini, this time by Edwin Metternich, directed by Joseph Bull and Luke Seomore at Somesuch

And a topical humdinger: a box-fresh trio of spots for Nike Russia, graded by Simon Bourne for Daniel Wolfe, also at Somesuch. One below, two and three #NeverAsk #justwatchit


Cheers to our animators on the ground at Annecy Festival, spreading the Framestore gospel. Well done also to Bastian Klucker, who starred on a panel on the future of fur this morning 👏

IMG_0995 (1).JPEG

To celebrate the occasion we’ve got not one but TWO [FRAMED] features this week – thanks to Ross and Bastian for their answers. Stalk them here:

View at

View at

Role models required

giphy (60).gif

A Recruitment PSA for Londoners, from Amy Smith:

Following the success of last year’s National Inclusion Week and the launch of ACCESS: VFX, during the month of October ACCESS: VFX will tour the UK and Northern Ireland raising awareness of careers and opportunities in the visual effects industry. Working with local venues and industry partners we plan to target young people from key stages 2, 3 and 4 (ages 7 to 16), running outreach events aimed to engage and inspire the next generation of creative VFX talent. Cities and regions included during ‘ACCESS: VFX Month’ are Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Sunderland, Glasgow, East Anglia, Cardiff, Bournemouth, London and Northern Ireland.

If you hail from any of these cities and would like to be a role model and speak to young people, parents and teachers from your home town we invite you to fill out the attached survey. Please click here. We’d love to have you involved!

Media darlings

That AICP time of year once more – Maryanne Butler joined the party, talking on the topic ‘Technique Good, Creative Bad’

It was a full house at the Media Production Show, London, where Head of Television Michelle Martin wowed the crowds with USS Callister

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-12 at 15.33.50.jpeg

Meanwhile, in the country, London Advertising talked business on the fairway at our annual-ish golf day ⛳️

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-14 at 19.32.42.jpeg



All the fun of the 100 Aker Wood from our London Hiking Club, HERE


‘Modern Love’ is made for TV, is only for women, apparently

Ikea’s got it all going on

How not to edit, 101

Critter watch

Paddington Balloon Bear had a wild night at the FHF summer funfair, thanks for the invite team


We celebrated National Pigeon Day, courtesy of Design Studio’s Yana, because why the hell not 🐦

And then there was this gal. Sign her up, James Gunn

Be fearless this weekend, folks 🙋