The week of mixed emotions (1.6.18)


It’s been a few days, still weeping. First official trailer for summer’s Christopher Robin has unleashed a wave of emotion across the globe – you character-creating heartbreakers, you 💕

Tear it up

Taking ‘heartwrenching’ to a different level, we were proud to unleash Deadpool 2‘s VFX innards to the press this week – check out the picture gallery currently playing on the ‘gram

Big CG write-up coming up, kids, go crazy

Supe Stephane Nazé shared some juice with The Art of VFX

And AWN looked a little harder at Colossus, to see just how our metal monster has grown

Grade A

The hotly awaited: ‘Muanapoto’ by Tshegue is now live, with grade by Mr Simon Bourne. Directed by the wizards Pantera, with a super provoking concept – press play on it

And fresh work from CHI’s Clark Griffiths, for Nikki Lynette’s ‘Let Me Be Your Secret’


Or Framestone…? Either way, we’re pleased for the opportunity to catch up on VRLA panels, starring in-house fractal whisperer Johannes Saam

Stormy weather

It started so strong for Flamestorm…

Match report in:

It was going to be hard to match up to the undefeated ILM ‘Rebel Bases’. After Tuesday’s downpours we arrived to a surprisingly dry pitch and got into the first innings, scoring first… Never ones to take the easy route through these things we were 3 in, 3 out in the first innings and on the back foot thanks to the Rebels’ well-drilled fielding.

It took until the 3rd innings to open our scoring; solid runs from Aaron, Nik, Puff and Jakub. ILM continued to score consistently, our only other run coming from a home run at the top of the 6th from Captain Smith.

In the last 2 innings we came apart a little in the field just as the Rebels found their swing, leading to 18 runs and a final score of Flamestorm 5 – 30 Rebel Bases. Sadly, the score doesn’t convey how close this one felt.

Special mention to Aimee, who did a great job at catcher as well as getting a nice hit on the board, and our newest member Jakub (also this week’s MVP), both doing great in their debut games.

We did manage to redeem ourselves in the post game ‘boat race’, a 5 vs. 5 drinking relay. We won by a hefty margin, so I think we can call the night a draw overall. [Cheers to THAT]


Next week: we’ll be hoping to take the sting out of the ‘Bees’ from Nectar on Pitch 12. And coming up: VFX Summer Softball Tournament, 7 July, against ILM, DNeg and MPC 👊


Did YOU visit Manhattanhenge?

Is ASMR the Internet’s most chilling obsession?

Drones as…art?

Do superheroes walk the earth? [Hint: yes]

FOR THE FANS (captured here on LA Dodger Cam, from l-r: Evan Reinhard, Laney Gradus, Alex Thomas, Tom Bristow):


May you win this weekend, everybody. Until the next 🙋