The week it’s all fun and games (11.5.18)

Opening act

Here we are, Avengers. Everything you and the rest of the Marvel Universe wanted to know about our action-packed 253 shots and a squad of characters, old and new

They’ve been taking over on Insta too, so take a scroll through

Cheers also to Patric and Liam, interviewed by The Art of VFX on their work on the picture

Of course, Infinity War is just one of many Marvel contributions we’ve made over the years – get a load of Framestore’s highlights in this little number, celebrating Marvel’s 10 Year anniversary

Summer breeze

Makes us look and feel damn fine. Bravo to the Advertising team behind Gap’s summer campaign, the follow-up to spring’s heady human zoetrope. Directed once again by Kim Gehrig at Somesuch, with VFX here led by Ben Cronin


Labs are back on the PGA Tour for another year, delivering the goods for Morgan Stanley’s philanthropic activation #EagleUp. The digital signage on both Broadway and on site at TPC Sawgrass, FL, will be lit UP with a refreshed leaderboard, counting eagles scored which will translate to hefty donations to Book Trust. Follow @morgan.stanley and campaign frontman @justinprose99 for more over the weekend

News in too that the original #EagleUp activation won silver at last night’s Financial Communications Society awards in a four-piece haul for Morgan Stanley, bravo Labs 👏

House of representatives

Advertising’s Helen Stanley took to the stage with Tencent, at a Department of International Trade-led gathering committing collaboration between the UK creative industries and the Chinese market

Listen in to Mike McGee on the podcast waves with Movidiam

In FRAMED custody this week: we let Gerry Corona Sorchini out of the Capture Lab, for a grilling – grab a Mezcal and get involved

View at

Peer patrol

giphy (39).gif

STAFF AWARDS KLAXON, team. You have until Monday to nominate the kings and queens of your personal red carpet. The voting form even put on a new outfit for the occasion, so hop on over to the Intranet now

For your health

Mental health, that is. It doesn’t always get said but it sure is important. It’s Mental Health Awareness Week next week (in the UK, at least), and the London office is hosting a number of workshops around stress and how we manage it in the workplace. A few spaces remain for Monday and Wednesday’s sessions, sign up here; and even if you can’t make them, take some time out to give the subject some thought

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Take a hike


Our intrepid London hikers go from ‘shire to ‘shire. Last weekend, 38 Framestorians (and a pup) conquered the Royal Tunbridge Wells Circular, on the one weekend England turned on the weather – see the evidence right here.

Want to join? The next adventure takes place on 9 June on the Ashurst Circular, which brilliantly and topically is part of Winnie-the-Pooh’s 100 Aker Wood trail (!) Details HERE, or join the mailing list


The players

London, hear that battle cry: a foosball tournament is coming. It’s in aid of SoccerAid, 5 quid team entry, what’s not to love. SIGN UP HERE by next Friday. The Round-up Foundation (aka my wallet) will even make an additional donation in thine honour for the sassiest team name 💁

giphy (40).gif

And on the East Coast: rev your engines, the second annual Mario Kart tournament takes place on FRIDAY 18 MAY. All driving abilities most welcome, Nate Diehl is your man for sign-ups

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Match report in from Flamestorm: sadly, sometimes, life’s a pitch

Flamestorm 12 – 34 CNN ‘Thrashers’

This week saw Flamestorm meet Div. 2 newcomers CNN.

After a promising start, leading off with four unmatched runs in the first, the ‘storm struggled to find its feet once Thrashers hit their stride.

FS struggled both at bat and in the face of mighty hits from the Thrashers. There were moments of brightness in the field, with some strong relays back in, but with most of the opposition’s male hitters smashing beyond the back line we could only watch as they racked up the points.

Final score Flamestorm 12 – 34 CNN ‘Thrashers’

Next week will hopefully see an uptick in success to come back strong against The Economist ‘Red Stocks’. Wednesday 16th, Pitch 15, see you there #🔥⚡

Closing questions

Will Google’s News ever be impartial?

What’s a WeChat mini program, when it’s at home?

What’s new in celebrity holograms? (#longread feat. our own Tim Webber)

Shall we just ask Deadpool?

Deadpool, is it the weekend yet? Hella yes. Have a good one 🙋