The week they wanna be like you (4.5.18)

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Holy Baloo, you did it, guys. Mowgli has DELIVERED. Congratulations to the extensive team, it’s been wild

mowgli dazed

As we know, Mary Lou is out there, living the dream – you’ll be seeing #Framestore #InfinityWar content dropping next week

In the meantime, amuse yourself with our Instamatic celebration of 10 Years of Marvel, starring many old favourites (and nemeses) – click through and cruise

Did we just do something Star Wars..?

Yes indeedy. Congratulations to our Stills team on their new work for Nissan USA – the team worked on a special edition Star Wars car configurator, which I hear involves many, many a version. Click through, go play, and #Maythe4thBeWithYou

Rogue holidays

As any brand worth its social media salt will be telling today: a very happy #InternationalSpaceDay to you. Of course, our credentials in this arena are pretty out-of-this-world. Point your jet engines in the direction of our Instagram Stories for a voyage through a smattering of our space greats 🚀

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New York’s Design squad looked to a different kind of holiday: the No Pants variety. Hold on to your butts and press play on a more tangible kind of celebration 🍑

Triple threat

The week in gongs: big congrats to London’s Advertising animators and Colourist supreme Simon Bourne, for their trophies at this week’s Creative Circle Awards. We took a gold-silver double in Animation for that damn cute Piggy and festive Paddington adventure respectively, topped off with Simon’s gold for his grade on MINI ‘The Faith of a Few’


World stage

William was spotted at Cass Business School, #LeadingtheAdventure for a new generation of enterprising students

Meanwhile in Mumbai, our other Sargent was on tour with Innovate UK, exploring the immersive media landscape

And *CAPTION COMPETITION*: Advertising creature artists let loose, cause chaos


Staff Awards

Time to pick a peer or three, people. The quarter’s Staff Awards are now OPEN, on a beautiful new page, accessed via l’Intranet. Take a minute to think of those who have been smashing it in 2018 thus far, then pay those democratic dues by 14 May

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Take me out to the ballgame

Flamestorrrrrm! This week’s match report from Cap’n Adam Smith:


3 May: Flamestorm 21 – TMW Soho Swingers (easy there) 27

This was always going to be a tough one – a well-drilled team with high level players and big hitters left and right. Flamestorm started out on the right foot, winning the toss and choosing to field. A tentative first innings gave the opposition an early lead, but recovered well in the second with six runs – Nik, Hannah, Steve and Nicolas bringing them back-to-back. 

The TMW beast responded with seven runs, holding us to two as our second line-up struggled against immense hits. Nevertheless the ‘storm kept building, and going into the sixth Flamestorm were down four.

Swingers came to bat again and smashed another innings that was going to be hard to recover from. The task at hand required 16 runs to draw even, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that halfway through our batting it looked entirely possible.
The momentum shifted and our opponents were flagging. In this final innings we almost doubled our score with ten magnificent runs, with everyone was getting in on the act. It was great to see us play with confidence, and despite coming up just short the match showed huge improvement from last season’s face-off.
Unanimous MVP for Hannah Critchley, getting runs on the board, a stunning catch behind home plate and literally throwing herself into this game head first. Well done to everyone who came along! 

COMING UP: Flamestorm vs. CNN, Wednesday 9 May. Why not go cheer them on? #webringthefunduh 🔥⚡️ Alternatively, if you’re a player, sign up // join the group

With the band

Congrats to London’s in-house band Pixel Fux, for last weekend’s gig at Soho’s St Moritz club – keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming dates, and if you’re a drummer at a loose end, get in touch

To ponder

Are there too many characters in Infinity War? (Hint: maybe)

Is Thanos a babe though?

Did Celine just make the greatest cameo of all time?

Holiday klaxon

Bank Holiday Monday for Britain, folks, bear with us

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Toodles 🙋