The week we’re back at BAFTA (27.4.18)

BAFTA for Bartlett

You know it’s gonna be a good week when Sunday evening delivers you a BAFTA, not blues. Huge congrats to William Bartlett, who took the BAFTA Television Craft trophy in Titles & Graphic Identity, for his SS-GB opener. See the work in full here

Tune in, too, at 41mins for the big reveal

At the movies

Mowgli is (finally!) approaching its moment in the cinematic sun – first look was given at CinemaCon, read the reaction via Deadline

Entertainment Weekly also upped the ADORABLE ante, with exclusive images from Christopher Robin

Avengers is OUT; see a scrape of reviews here. Cute from The Times: ‘The real joys here, in a film of surprising emotional heft, are the ease at which these lovingly crafted characters interact, the comedy they deliver and the sense that this might yet be the most accomplished Avengers ensemble.’ Small wait for VFX detail, you know the drill, but it’s going to be ‘a full-fisted multi-coloured cinematic smack in the face‘ (The Mirror), in the best possible way 👊

giphy (35).gif

Switch it up

Fresh Flame 🔥 and a grade from Jessica Vile in new ad-slash-promo for IKEA and indie-pop unit Teleman; read more online

Colour so sweet

Continuing those Colour vibes and then some – here’s the global sweep:

Bearcubs ‘Landslide’, by Simon Bourne

Prep really is for all, says Sperry, also graded by Simon

A really interesting story and punchy message behind this piece; directed by Kim Gehrig and set to a re-record of Divine’s iconic ‘You Think You’re A Man’. Grade by Simon, more on this via Clash Magazine

Beau Leon has been ‘Living It Up’ for Damian Marley

Ho99o9 ‘Street Power’, also by Beau (this one freaked me right out, you’ve been warned)

Fiery hues in the promo for Jimmy Edgar’s ‘Burn So Deep’, from Jonah Braun

And bright and beautiful for B.o.B’s ‘Cuello’, by Clark Griffiths

FMX champions

The Framestore cohort had (indeed is still having) a cracking time in Stuttgart at FMX, presenting, recruiting, representing. Take a skim through the live content on Insta Stories for more.

Kudos to: Fiona, Gianpietro, Sonya, Andy, Richard, Eric and Gerardo for their speaking gigs; Syntyche and Phieffer on their tireless pursuit of talent; and Lauren bringing it all together on the social decks 👏 👏 👏

SPEAKING OF GIANPIETRO – he also got the [FRAMED] treatment this week, dig into his diaries right here:

View at

World stage

Not content with taking Germany by storm, Framestore continued its pursuit for global domination. Snapped here: Artists Reunited at David Reviews’ Craftworks, where the ‘noitulovE’ originals caught up over a pint

Cheers to Gianluca Siciliano, who took Thor on an outing to Escape Studios’ Movie Club

A smörgåsbord of our best VR was on show at D&AD Festival

And many, many miles away at Mindpark 2018 in Shenzhen, China, Mike McGee presented on a fairly sizable stage (click through for angles), telling the Framestory to new crowds

Rogue thoughts

Could Infinity War have been made on a shoestring?

Can surfboards save the seas?

Will Fast and Furious run forever?

Is YouTube literally life?

From the inside:

Sending good vibes to London’s Framestore band, Pixel Fux, who take the stage at St Moritz club on Wardour St this Saturday – FB event HERE

band flyer.jpg

Putting pen to paper at Chancery Lane life drawing

And the ever-supportive fans of Flamestorm, keeping the team hydrated as always

A cue to kick off your clothes and drink rosé? Hello weekend, old friend 🙋